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Touching lives in many ways

. We are committed to the well-being of not just our patients, but the society as a whole. Our aim is to reach quality healthcare to all those who need it. Towards this end, several initiatives have been started by the Apollo Hospitals Group. Initiatives like SACH, SAHI, CURE and DISHA aim to reach out and provide healthcare measures to the economically backward

SACH - Save a Child's Heart

SACH [Save a Child’s Heart] is a community service initiative from the safa medical center with the aim of providing quality pediatric cardiac care and financial support to children from underprivileged sections of society suffering from heart diseases.

This is a need-based initiative, which covers all aspects of congenital heart disease, a major socio-economic problem in India

Why Save A Child's Heart?

Pediatric Cardiology has been a neglected speciality in the country despite a massive disease burden. Consanguinity, viral infections like mumps, measles and rubella, absolute lack of awareness, and high treatment costs are some of the important factors contributing to the high disease burden.

It is estimated that over 200,000 children are born with heart diseases every year and less than 5% of them get optimal care on time. Most of these children succumb to the disease without celebrating even their first birthday.

In contrast if these children receive treatment on time they grow up to become normal adults.

Save A Child's Heart Foundation

Save A Child’s Heart Foundation was established in the year 2003 with an aim of providing quality care and financial access to children belonging to lower socio-economic groups and in this short span of time has performed 900 surgeries/ interventions with a success rate of 97% and has touched the lives of over 50,000 children with heart diseases across India Save A Child’s Heart enjoys access to the most accomplished and distinguished cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons from Apollo hospitals who tirelessly work on transforming the lives of afflicted children by performing complex surgeries on them. The expenditure for the surgeries are undertaken by the along with support from philanthropic organizations and individuals.

The treatments include open and closed heart surgeries, interventions, diagnostic procedures and follow up care for children suffering from heart diseases. The entire team of SACH including the specialists, nursing and paramedical staff volunteer their services. This team, made up of the most eminent pediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeons from the is one of the first and perhaps the only team in India that performs the most rare and difficult surgeries.

Many complicated cases involving even premature babies and infants are referred here. Even complex surgery techniques like Permembranous VSD, Device Closure, uni-focalization in children with VSD, Pulmonary atresia - single stage correction, Arterial switch operation in children with TGA [Transposition of Great Arteries] and Valvoplasties in the newborn are done. It is heartening to note that among the children operated by the foundation 50% would have died if timely medical interventions were not provided.

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